Selected vehicle: 1994 Honda Prelude 2.3L Starter
Lester 16960
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1994 Honda Prelude 2.3L Starter
w/AT, Mitsuba Unit

Our price : $97.11
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Other Part numbers:
N/A N/A CM16960N CM16960N SH-0044R SH-0050R 123-16960 123-16960 VS-16960 VS-16960 S1694 S1913 SMU0036 SMU0036 620-16960 620-16960 620-17583 620-17583 187-0421 187-0523 SR1286N SR1286N SR1286X SR1286X 3191-131 3191-131A 113024 113024 16960S 16960S 90-16960 90-16960A KIT KIT 280-0199 S-8389 S-8389 916960 916960 06314-P13-306RM 31200-P13-903 31200-P13-904 31200-P13-905 31200-PT0-900 31200-PT0-903 31200-PT0-905 31200-PT0-906 410-54108 410-54108 16960 16960 16960M 17490 17583 LRT113 S9313 S9318 57-2354 57-2354 SM402-03 SM402-15 SM402-15N S1694 S1694 STR-3600 STR-3600 191-131 191-131A 191-145 16960 16960 44-6116 44-6116 20467001 N/A N/A 16960N 16960N 41-16960 41-16960 S16960 S16960 IMP-S1913 16960N 16960N STR-3600 STR-3600 VS362 VS363 2-1019-MT 2-1019-MT 22908 22908 91-26-2009 91-26-2009 STR5205 STR5205 17154 17154 16960 16960


Starter Honda Prelude 1994 2.3L for sale

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