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Lester 79-400APS
Lester 79-400APS

Our Big 3 wire upgrade kit is a must upgrade when purchasing your new Pure Power Sling Shot high output alternator. It is important to understand that when upgrading from a stock alternator to a high output alternator your factory wiring harness becomes less efficient because it was not designed to handle 250 amps of current flow. By simply adding the Pure Power Big 3 wire kit in combination with your factory wire harness will allow your new high output alternator to produce its maximum amperage upon demands.

What's Included:
34 in. of 1/0 Guage SGT Negative Cable
32 in. of 1/0 Guage SGT Negative Cable
11 ft of 1/0 Guage SGT Positive Cable
6 Pcs. 5/16 Ring Terminal
Machine crimped ends with weather resistant adhesive heat shrink tubing
Cable Tie's
Instruction Sheet

Sling Shot, BIG 3 Wire Kit, 1/0 AWG

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Premium Big 3, 1/0 AWG Cable Kit optimizes the performance of your new Pure Power High Output Alternator
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  • 1/0 AWG Extra Flexible SGT 1,000 strand Pure Copper OFC
  • -49°C to 105°C, 1000 Volt Rating
  • Resistant to oil, water, acid, gas, cuts, tears and abrasion
  • Moisture resistant
  • Maintains cold weather flexibility
  • Bare, annealed electrolytic copper

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