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Selected vehicle: 1994 Hummer H1 6.5L 8 Cyl Diesel Starter
Lester 6608
Lester 6608a
Lester 6608 Lester 6608(a)

1994 Hummer H1 6.5L 8 Cyl Diesel Starter
Prestolite Unit

Unit Price:

  • Quality is our #1 priority and because we are factory direct you can feel confident you are getting the highest quality at the BEST PRICE backed by our “NO HASSLE GUARANTEE”
  • Guaranteed direct OEM replacement
  • Our units are built to OE-standards
  • Solenoids 100% new OEM quality
  • Bearings, Brushes & Seals 100% new OEM quality
  • Pinion Gears & Drives 100% new OEM quality
  • Commutator machine turned and polished to less than 2m runout
  • Armature & Field Coils insulation tested up to 600 volts
  • We only use OEM cores in our process this assures better quality
  • Lifetime warranty available at check out

Other Part numbers:
N/A CM6608N SX-0011R 105-6608 5937124 16701 SPL0031 3160-214 6608S 90-6608 TS-5124 6608 6608 160-214 46-3767 MMO6701UT MMO6715UT 6608 41-6608 S6608 IND-2456701 6608N 45176 91-06-1957 6608


Starter Hummer H1 1994 6.5L 8 Cyl Diesel for sale

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